Louie is now two and a half.. whaaaat?! I don’t know how this has happened, okay I do but it has gone far too quickly for my liking. I know everyone says that it goes to quick but it really does! I feel like I’ve blinked and we are hear. He’s not even a baby anymore, he’s a full blown toddler!

I have never done a Louie update on my blog before, kinda wish I had done it but unfortunately didn’t have my blog then. So I thought now was the perfect opportunity to do a little update of this age so that I can always look back and remember what he was like!

Let’s just dive straight in. I feel like I have a little best friend, his personality and character is becoming stronger all the time. He’s cheeky and legit makes me laugh. His favourite thing to ask at the moment is ‘what’s that?’ To EVERYTHING. He just wants to learn what everything is! He LOVES being outdoors, I genuinely think he would spend all his time outside if he could, especially looking in the mud for worms or jumping in puddles now that the weather has deteriorated and there is no more hot sunny days playing in the paddling pool. When he’s not outside he would spend the rest of his time in the bath if he was able to. The majority of the time he is such a happy content little boy although those tantrums are definitely getting stronger when especially when I tell him he can’t eat chocolate for breakfast or can’t have every toy he see but it’s all a learning curve, right?! Some days are definitely draining and bed time is heavily needed but very rarely do I pray for bed time as he’s generally such an ‘easy'( I hate that term) child. Louie loves playing with cars, we have SO many cars and he’s just getting into dinosaurs. Drawing.. And painting is another firm favourite and it’s so amazing watching him draw things and him telling me what they are even though it doesn’t look like it but his imagination and creative is wonderful.


Let’s talk sleep.. He’s always been a good sleeper and settled really well at bedtimes the majority of the time, teething and leaps not included! At the moment he likes me to lay and have cuddles with him to fall asleep and I am okay with that if that’s what he needs. He likes the comfort and that is totally okay. It’s okay to give them the comfort and security they need, after all they are little people still learning about this big world we live in. The majority of the time we like to stick to a routine which definitely helps! Nap times are being dropped quite a few days a week now. Some days he naps and some days he doesn’t so we are just taking each day as it comes with nap times.. some days settles better at bed time when he hasn’t napped, some days witching hour is grueling but dinner times makes everything better, food always does, right?!


Louie has always loved his food.. weaning was a dream he enjoyed food so much and would eat the majority of things he tried. Now that he’s a toddler things have changed a little. Vegetables are all of a sudden being disliked and are being spat out even though he loved them and would eat them all.. Foods he once loved he apparently “doesn’t like it” although if I distract him with a toy or take his mind off of eating he will eat anything. Crazy isn’t it?


His speech is absolutely amazing and we can have a full conversation with him. He will tell me if he needs something and we are going to start potty training soon so keep an eye out for that one! He’s very much a chatter box and likes to copy everything we say especially if it’s a new word, he loves to learn new things. It really is amazing! Listening to him talk is just the best especially when he tells me he loves me.


Time definitely passes right in front of our eyes, the days are gone in a blink and they are another month or year older and I’m just trying to soak it all up while I can.


Posted by:Paige

First time mama enjoying life with a toddler, fur baby and a Fiance while writing about all things lifestyle, motherhood and everything in between. Come along on this fun filled little adventure with us.

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