With the colder months upon us, cold and flu germs are spreading again! This time of year always brings an abundance of different illnesses especially colds. Having a cold for a baby or toddler can be a little tough.. They cant tell us what they are feeling, control their nose (they cant blow it/wipe it)

As a mother it can feel quite disheartening when our little ones are poorly especially when you cant take it away from them. The discomfort, the crying, the not knowing is just a little heartbreaking to say the least. The comfort of us is top of the list for TLC. I have created a little cold care list for babies and toddlers!

Calpol relieves temperatures and helps them with aches and pains that come with a cold! Can be given every four hours while a temperature is high to keep it at bay!

Vitamin C
Oranges/orange juice is great vitamin source to help with a cold, can be tasty and refreshing for toddlers too while they are feeling unwell and a loss of appetite

Nasal drops
These can help to relive nasal congestion especially for sleeping.. bed times are definitely the hardest and worse for a cold! we use the Calpol nasal drops and have found that they help when blocked up and stuffy!

Creating a steamy environment helps to loosen the congestion/mucus. By running a hot shower/bath in the bathroom with the door closed for 10/15 minutes with your little one in the room works well for this!

Calpol Room plug in
This is a new find for us! The calpol room plug in helps relieve congestion through the night with their easy to replace refill pads. Switch the plug on before bed and it fills the room aromatic oils which help to soothe and comfort your child through the night to help the breathe better through a cold.

Chest Rub
We use the snuffle babe vapour chest rub for babies and toddlers.. Our normal adult vapour rub cant be used on children under 3 so make sure you’re getting a children’s one! I recommend the snuffle babe. Rubbing a little on the chest a couple times a day will help with congestion. A little hack is rubbing some vapour rub on the soles of the feet and putting socks on before bed helps relive symptoms of a cold and cough!

Prop pillows/bed
Propping up pillows/giving your child an extra pillow or propping up the head of the bed will help in the night as we all know illnesses are worse at night especially when laying down. congestion builds up and its just not nice so propping your child up a little so that they are not laying fully flat will help to ease a cold a little during the night!

Honey and Lemon
So many people swear by honey and lemon when they have a cold or flu and so many cold medicines for us adults are honey and lemon flavour! This helps to soothe as well as cutting through congestion build up! My little one didn’t seem to like this though.. I keep trying in hopes that he will drink a little to help!

Warm Water/Blackcurrant 
Drinking warm liquids with a cold especially if its accompanied by a cough help to soothe the throat and the cough! Coughs are not a nice thing for a little one, they can’t control it and end up throwing up numerous times a day through coughing so much.. please tell its not just my child?

I hope these tips help you a little when your little one is suffering from a cold and you feel a little helpless! It can be a tough and sleepless time for us all but finding ways to help ease a cold relieve and reassure us a little bit!


Posted by:Paige

First time mama enjoying life with a toddler, fur baby and a Fiance while writing about all things lifestyle, motherhood and everything in between. Come along on this fun filled little adventure with us.

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